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Dec. 21st, 2010 | 04:40 pm

So i realize that a lot of times i say that i want to keep writing in here to express things about my life. But it seems like no matter how for sure i am about continuing i just don't. Its kind of like taking pitures, i love to take pictures and look back on them, but recently i just haven't been taking very many pictures, i have all but abandoned my photobucket, and just kinda got too busy for it.

I feel that whats going to happen with this is i will regret it in the future where these times i'm having right now go unremembered. Which is sad to think about.

I'm sitting here in bed listening to Dan Savage and trying to recover from a broken coccyx. My cable was recently shut off (my doing) and i ran out of anything to do. I hope to be returning to work tomorrow, and most likely just deal with all the pain its going to cause. Christmas is coming soon, and it seems like the times where i start writing here again appear to be in the winter time, not sure what it is about this time of year that makes me what to write down my feelings.

I'm sitting here on my Galaxy Tab writing this and there is some lady on the podcast talking about work shops for gay men. i have no idea what she is talking about, diddle is laying down by my legs (where she has been all week), cleaning herself. Nicky wont' be home from work for a few more hours so i'm taking so time to reflect on things.

I can't easily look back on the previous post that i made on here, but i think it was right at the point where i was trying to get over my anxiety. I have been seeing a therapist for a few months now, and lately our meetings have been more spaced out, and seem less productive when they do happen. I'm not sure there is much else that she can do for me.

I'm a little concerned about whats going to happen at work tomorrow, i could go into what happened, but i got hurt at work and had to take some time off. They informed me that i would have to use my PTO first, and then would probably go unpaid after that but they would file a FMLA to make sure my job was secured. So i'm not 100% sure what to expect.

In any event, this year has been pretty shitty but then pretty good at the same time. I guess we can always focus on the bad things that happen to us, but if anything i learned from Dr Wall, its those bad feelings that make me feel like shit all the time, though the bad times are the easiest to remember.

Well i suppose thats all i have to write for now, maybe i'll update some more here for my own good, maybe not.

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