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New present!

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Dec. 24th, 2010 | 03:58 pm

So today for christmas i got the keyboard dock for my galaxy tab. AWESOME! Nick bought me the dock with the HDMI cable but for some reason it wasn't working too well with my tv, so i took those back and exchanged for this, which is actually what i wanted the most ;)

So now i'm typing on it and its really nice. The keys are just the right size and it holds the tab very sturdy in the upright position. I can easily see this replacing my laptop now. As i have no need for it! It does give an audio out, so you could even plug in regular computer speakers into the back of it that would be plugged in automatically every time you docked it. it also has the regular out port, so next i will test how this works sending a video signal to my monitor, might even be able to use it that way too!

There has been rumor that bluetooth HID devices should work soon as well, which would allow me to hook up a bluetooth mouse and then have a cursor on the screen, how freaking amazing would that be?! I could have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and then possibily be the HDMI dock back to mount it that way as well... Time will tell but the ultimate story is that i freaking love this thing. it has taken over all of my entertainment, work, and social life. I don't use my phone much for anything but texting and using it as a wifi router for the tab, i can't see paying 35 bucks a month for 3 gigs on the tab when i can wifi tether for unlimited for 29.99

Well i just wanted to type up a post real quick to let everyone and myself know how happy i am at this moment, merry christmas!!!

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