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Dec. 27th, 2010 | 01:30 pm

I can't remember if i wrote about my broken coxxyc in my last post. But almost a week and and a half ago i did. I fell down some stairs at work. ow. I went to urgent care that day, and they diagnosed me with the broken coxxyc or tail bone. They said i would be laid up for quite some time, and although in pain, i didn't think i would be, boy was i wrong.

I returned to work friday morning, and tried to sit, and it just wasn't happening, not to mention that i was on a high dose of narcotics for the pain. So at this point i decided i would have to go home as sitting is what i do all day.

I stayed home friday, missed the company christmas party, and lost out on my 100 dollars. Which really pissed me off, i missed the gift exchange, i missed the expensive free dinner, the free drinks, and the night gambling, and the free hotel room. SHIT!

So i couldn't return to work monday or tuesday either, in fact i couldn't even get out of bed. I can't lay on my back, because that puts pressure on the bone, i can't lay on my stomach, same issue. So i am stuck laying on my side. So this makes my thighs hurt, what a life.

I have an important meeting on wednesday so i show up for work, still not ready to return, but completed the meeting and went home a few hours earlier than normal. I struggled through christmas, in lots of pain, being unable to really sit for more than 5 minutes at a time, it was awful. Carrying around my round yellow doughnut to sit on, was also a pain.

So then comes monday, which after my follow up on thursday, i was instructed to return to work only part time, and sit for no more than 2 hours total in the half day. So i went to work today, gritted through the pain on my other pain meds. I decided that i didnt' like the way the narcotics were messing with my mind, so they put me on a non narcotic but its pain releife is nothing compared to the norcor.

Noon time comes and i go home, i forgot my fucking doughnut at work, and i try to park out front so i don't have to walk the 7 blocks back to work, but i can't find a fucking parking spot! I hate lincoln downtown. Ugh.

So now i am home, day one of the last week of the year done, with 3 more days of half days to come, with another follow up appointment on thursday. Yay.

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