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Follow up.

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Dec. 29th, 2010 | 11:44 pm

So i went back to the dr's today for a follow up to my fall. They said that another week of half days at work as well as a slew of new medicines to try. I am on 6 different types of pills now, and all of this because i fell on the stairs. Sheesh.

Luckily my work is being really good about it, considering it was on company property, but still, i don't feel like they're being jerks about it like verizon was when the door slammed my shoulder. It really is pretty impressive how some companies handle themselves when things go wrong.

What i think upset me most is how verizon claims to be so amazing and great, they're so fabulous to work for and take such good care of their employees. what a crock of bullshit.

Can you believe i haven't work there in almost a year and i still get pissed about them? I mean if that tells you anything about the company, awful. Some people i know are still working there, much longer than me, and to them, idk what to say, other than you're going to be fucked up for a long time.

Well enough vzw rants. I have been having some trouble sleeping lately, probably due to the mixture of meds, pain, and anxiety about returning to work. Apparently in the state of nebraska workers comp is only required to pay 66% of wages for missed work due to a work related injury. What a load of shit eh?

But it is nice to know that all this isn't going unpaid, but will probably need to dip into reserves a bit for this month, and i hope my recovery comes quicker than its started out. Its pretty amazing how long it takes to heal a bone, even one as seemingly insignificant as the coccyx.

I also feel like my sleep schedule is busted, i have been staying up later due to not being able to fall asleep, plus with the many days last week i had off work, plus my 2 late days this week, and will probably be staying up later than usual over the holidays, i'm sure next week will not be pleasant with all these new meds plus trying to get back to a regular sleep schedule.

Id rather none of this had happened, i have had some people comment that i'm getting lots of time off work, but that is actually more stressful to me, not only because i'm home in pain, but because stuff is piling up at work for what is a really busy time for me and i'm having to deal with it all on a much more time restricted basis. But i think that hopfully by another week of babying it, i should be back to some what normal. Again, i hope. Positive thoughts.

Well i suppose thats plenty for now, as i down my final pill for the evening, i wish you a good night.

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