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Blowing out the dust

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Jan. 2nd, 2011 | 11:50 pm

So tonight, i fired up the PC and opened up steam to try and play some games.
--complaint-- it appears my tab will skip when playing podcasts over a2dp and typing with the keyboard, it appears to be ok when listening to it over the speakers--
Anyway, i did get the pc up and running, and i must say that i hate windows, but no surprise there. I started steam updating which after a year of not being used, had a lot to do. So while it was doing that, i decided to fire up step mania. Oh man the memories that this brought back. I remember spending hours and hours playing stepmaina with matt in the basement of the dawes house. Such good times, and frankly i'm still pretty good at it lol.

I did get some CSS in, which was fun, not too much though because with the broken tail bone its hard for me to sit for very long, let alone concentrate on the screen that well. I did hook up the dell 30inch to play on, figure if i am spending that much money every month (for the next 100 years of my life, stupid idea), i might as well get some use out of it. I have a pretty good gaming machine that i bought last year as part of my mid-life crisis and nice to see that it plays games well, i really hope that this will be sommething i can continue doing as it really does bring me a lot of happy feelings.

Whats next, oh, today i switched over my podcasts from my phone to my tablet. The droid pro has basically 1 flaw, audio play back is not so great, it seems to skip around a lot and i have read that this is a known issue. So i hope they fix that in a software upgrade. otherwise the phone is amazing. But the tab, oh my i love this thing! Its amazing! There really isn't anything i can't do on it. And the battery life is awesome. I tether it up to my droid for on the go internet, and works great.

But i installed the latest beyond pod, which is my podcatcher of choice for android, and loaded all my podcast feeds on there, and downloaded them. I already use the tab for my video podcasts, which i actually watch half time on the screen on the tab, and half time on the tv using the tv out on the tab, which is also awesome. I can't wait for the netflix and hulu apps for android to come out so i can truely get rid of my laptop. I have been thinking of selling it any how, and either saving the money, or buying a new macbook air. But so far i just love how i can use the tab for everything, including long typing with this keyboard dock.

I decided a few weeks ago that i was going to start carrying a backpack everywhere with me. I started out using my small lunch bag that i carry to work, but then decided that i wanted to carry more stuff around than that. So i bought this backpack that looks like a ninja turtle shell! ITS CUTER THAN HECK. It might look a little childish or cutsey, but thats probably why i bought it. So i carry the tab with me everywhere i go, and honestly its like having my laptop with me. I do wish that i could afford to have a data plan right on the device, which would make for easier data than doing the whole tether bit, but i also carry my 8 watt-hour portable battery with me too, so i can charge the droid while tethering, or any other device that i see fit.

I think when it starts to get warmer out i'm going to put that motorolla a2dp converter that i have in my car so that when i get in it my tab can transfer the audio wirelessly and i wont' have to plug in the 3.5mm jack. I have read they make a mounting dock for this, which might also be something i'll look into as well.

You know i had the ipad and after the initial oooh its so cool factor wore off, i really didn't use it. But the tab on the other hand i think is just the right size for all of the things i want to do. I use it at work to view pdf docs and edit things on google docs, i read my nook books, i do all my email and web surfing on it, i watch my video podcasts, i even do text messaging on it with google voice. I can even do phone calls over wifi. Its really an amazing device, and it isn't so huge that its annoying to carry around like the ipad was.

I would like to get a 32GB sd card for it as i would like to put a few more movies on it. I have everything that i "needed" on it with about 1.5 gb to spare for pictures, new apps, etc, but i would like a few more. I would also like to get an older mac mini that i can put team viewer on for more advanced tasks. viewing a remote desktop on the 7inch display is really quite a treat. I really think that samsung did it good with this device, i have yet to have a single problem with it, and with it working with all the regular android apps, it really is quite versitile.

I have to write that i did get into a fight with nick tonight about some issues that we have had for the majority of our time together, though 7 months in, i think that we get more out of the fights than we did at first, now knowing that there is less chance of the other person just "giving up' when we bring out concerns. I would like to have a "non-fighting" relationship, but i don't think i have ever had one of those, and would probably be worried if i did, as i can see that causing a lot of issues further down the line.

Well i guess thats all i really wanted to write for tonight, pretty proud of myself that i have been writing in here a few times a week. Weather is starting to get bitter, down in the single digits at night, but the space heater in my bed room seems to work ok, but is using a lot of electricity. We'll see, maybe next year if i'm still at this apartment i'll try something different, but the heated matress pad has to be the best money i've spent in a long time!

Well thanks for reading along with me, and will catch ya later.

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